Saturday, March 28, 2009

On the road again.

HI Everyone,

I am on the road again. Just want all of you to know where I am going and when so if you want me to do a shoot for you or your family we can hook up.

April 18th I will be in Phoenix AZ

May 1 and 2 I will be in Provo Utah area.

June 8 and 9th I will be in Utah.

June 9th and 10th I will be in Id and Montana.

June 11th through the 23rd. I will be in Spokane Washington area.

June 24th through the 26th I will be in Montana and Idaho.

June 27th through the 29th I will be in Utah.

If you live in any of these states and you are interested in a photo shoot, please contact me and we can set it up! Thanks, Mechelle


tammy said...

Look at you getting around!

Eudae-Mamia said...

Have safe travels!! Great places to visit when the weather turns warm :-)

Leslie said...

i love your photos!

Da Bergs said...

I love these shots of your family!!! There is a gal that used to be in our ward that is getting married... they dont have a lot of money and she has asked ME to take her wedding pics!!! I am happy to do it but stressed... please please share any ideas and suggestions!!!!